Why Choose Us?

V.S. George Lawyers has specialist franchising experience and knowledge. Vinesh has also worked at top tier law practices in the area of franchising.

Franchisee Services

We have developed a tool kit for new franchisees that is a comprehensive package aimed at streamlining the process of your appointment as a franchisee. Our tool kit is very competitively priced and we look forward to discussing it with you.

For established franchisees, we help you with your lease renewals, to buy your next business, to sell your existing business, to deal with disputes effectively and importantly, without destroying your relationship with your franchisor.

We also have important strategic relationships with key managers at large banking institutions as well as owners from smaller boutique lenders to help you with any capital raising requirements.

Franchisor Services

We act for food, retail and services franchisors. We assist them in a wide variety of matters and aim to have intimate knowledge of each of our client’s franchise systems. We have in depth knowledge of franchising, the franchising code of conduct and the history of franchising in Australia.

We assist our franchisor clients on a range of legal issues including:

  • Franchising Code of Conduct compliance
  • Preparation of franchise agreements, disclosure documents and ancillary documentation
  • Reviewing and clearing sales and marketing documents
  • Intellectual Property registration and protection
  • Sales, purchases and restructuring of franchise systems
  • The sale and purchase of franchise businesses
  • Importing and exporting franchise systems to and from Australia
  • Competition and Consumer Act and compliance matters
  • Multi-tiered franchising options
  • Advice on performance management/termination of franchisees
  • Dispute resolution and litigation

For more information, or to make an appointment at our Bexley North office (or at one of our serviced offices in Sydney CBD, North Sydney), please contact:

Phone: (02) 9150 6991

Email: [email protected]