Automotive Car Lawyers Sydney

Compliance. Consumer protection. Dealer disputes. Privacy. Litigation. Intellectual property disputes. Buying and selling dealerships.

The automotive industry faces various legal, regulatory and business issues in an ever-changing landscape.

VS George Lawyers represents the legal interests of businesses and individuals in the automotive industry. Our clientele includes many established automotive dealers in Sydney and regional NSW, as well as a peak Australian automotive association. We also advice truck and bus dealers and distributors.

We have specialist automotive car lawyers in Sydney with franchise law experience and can assist motor vehicle dealers/distributors in the following areas:

  • special projects advice on particular automotive industry issues; and
  • “in-house” general legal advice on day-to-day matters impacting on car dealers in Sydney, regional NSW and elsewhere in Australia.

Special Projects Advice

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Agreements
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Appointment / Franchise Appointment
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Terminations / Non Renewals
  • Unfair Contracts / Unfair Conduct disputes
  • Automotive Industry Submissions to government

In-House Advice

  • Motor vehicle advertising clearance
  • Contract reviews
  • NCAT / VCAT reviews
  • Maintaining motor vehicle dealership business registrations and licences
  • Automotive law Sydney

Why Choose our Sydney Automotive Car Lawyers

Unlike our competitors, our automotive car lawyers in Sydney do the work themselves, rather than delegating and revising the work done by junior lawyers or paralegals.

“This means we have lower overheads and we can cut costs for you.”

That ensures we can offer our automotive industry clients significantly lower legal fees than our competitors and all the while, our clients are given swift strategic advice, without the unwanted duplication of work.

Our principal Vinesh George has a genuine passion for the Sydney automotive industry. In his capacity as the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) Company Secretary, Vinesh will conduct the 2017 AADA Annual General Meeting.

Motor vehicle dealer resources

  • Purchase and sale of motor vehicle dealerships – buy/sell agreements
  • Buy/sell agreement checklists for purchasers and vendors
  • Is your goodwill under threat?

Policy matters

  • Franchising Code of Conduct: The meaning of “good faith”

Regulatory matters

  • Australian Consumer Law: A Dealer’s Perspective
  • The new Automotive Franchise Regulations 2020
  • Briefing Note on Fairness in Franchising: Government Response
  • Briefing Note: Government Reforms Drive Dealers Towards a Fairer Future
  • Consumer Wins Against Distributor in NCAT Proceedings

For more information, or to make an appointment at our Bexley North office (or at one of our serviced offices in Sydney CBD, North Sydney), please contact:

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