Testamentary Trusts

A Testamentary Trust is a ‘trust’ that is created by your will. It only takes effect when you die & will be administered by a trustee. You will name your Trustee in your Will.

Wills containing Testamentary Trusts are designed to protect assets. The deceased’s assets belong to the trust – not to individual beneficiaries. This gives flexibility on how the capital and income generated by assets in the trust is distributed.

A “discretionary” Testamentary Trust can potentially save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over its lifetime!

Why choose a Testamentary Trust (or Trusts) in your Will?

  • to minimise the tax burden on your beneficiaries;
  • to avoid assets being caught up in a divorce settlement;
  • to avoid assets being caught up in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • if your beneficiaries are under 18 years old (minors);
  • if your beneficiaries have diminished mental capacity;
  • if you are worried your beneficiaries might squander their inheritance.

A Testamentary Trust Will is more complicated than a simple Will.

However, if you choose a Testamentary Trust Will, your beneficiaries can potentially take advantage of  many benefits. It’s essential you get all the details right when creating a Testamentary Trust Will.

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