At V.S. George Lawyers, we can help you:

  • Draft and review a retail lease, commercial lease and industrial lease.
  • Negotiate terms of a lease.
  • Exercise an Option to renew a lease for a further term.
  • Sub-let leased premises.
  • Assign a lease.

We act for landlords and tenants on retail leases, commercial leases and industrial leases, whether big or small.

Are you leasing commercial office space or a retail shop in Sydney or a regional area of NSW? Our lease and property law solicitors can guide you through the NSW retail lease or commercial lease agreement. Let us manage your retail or commercial leasing process in a fast, practical and cost-effective manner.

Pitfalls for landlords:

  • If you are a new landlord, ensure that all security deposits and bank guarantees are transferred from the old landlord to you.
  • Do you have appropriate provision to capitalise on any development potential of the land?
  • Do you have special conditions allowing you to show potential buyers the property?
  • Ensure your lease specifically excludes further option terms from renewed leases.

Pitfalls for tenants:

  • Always remember to exercise your options in time. Better yet, put relevant trigger dates in your calendar!
  • Indemnity clauses – it is usual for the tenant to indemnify the landlord but the indemnity should be limited as far as possible.
  • Is the landlord allowed to withhold consent to assign the lease?
  • Take care when agreeing on the repair and maintenance clauses.
  • Can the landlord terminate the lease if he wants to develop the land?

Commercial leases and retail leases are one of our specialities at VS George.

Click the link to about our experience with the Commercial Tenancy Code Of Conduct.

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